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Boaters Beware You May Soon Be Fined $32,000 a Day!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

You read that headline correctly. If Congress does not pass the 2008 Clean Boating Act by September 30th, boaters who do not file for a state or federal permit to operate a boat face potential fines of $32,000 a day.

In lieu of a federal act boaters will be faced with local regulators interpreting the new Environmental Protection Agency requirements for engine cooling water, deck run-off, bilge water, and any other water-based operational discharge from a recreational boat. Failure to obtain the proper local permits will subject boaters to fines up to $32,000 a day for non-compliance. In order to avoid this potential nightmare scenario write your local Congressman a letter urging them to sign the Clean Boating Act before Sept. 30th. You can send a letter online by following this link and filling out the form.