Home Boat Buying Guide Guide Detail

Once you have determined the types of boats that interest you and researched fair prices for them it is time to start your budget process. Itís essential that you start your budgeting process with a price point that you can afford and not just a dream boat price. Below is an outline of costs to consider when budgeting for your purchase.

  • Boat Price: Are you choosing a new or used boat? What does your research tell you?
  • Additional Options: Are you upgrading your new purchase with more powerful motors and accessories? Or does the used model include all the options at a price you can afford?
  • Sea Trials & Surveys: Used boat purchases should be tested and inspected by professional captains, surveyors, and mechanics to validate the current state and conditional of the vessel. Average survey costs are $500.00 or $15 - $25 per foot depending on the size of the boat. Note that defects or problems noted in the surveys can be used as negotiating power with the seller when finalizing the sale price.
  • Financing: Are you going to pay cash or need financing for your boat purchase? A cash purchase will require the upfront outlay necessary to secure the boat, options you are interested in, and additional items noted below. This can be a sizeable cash outlay that could be better used for other personal or unforeseen expenditures. Financing may be a wise choice as there are lots of programs offered by lenders to suit your budgetary needs.

    Lenders will offer various financing options such as extended loan terms of up to 20 years, zero money down loans, variable rates notes, stated income and deferred payment options. Additionally, pre-qualifying for a boat loan can give you the bargaining power necessary when shopping for boats with competitive dealerships. SeaDream offers competitive rates and terms, purchase strategies and advice, and can help you pre-qualify for your purchase. For more information call toll free at 866-460-0170 or online at SeaDream Marine Financing

  • Insurance: It is a wise to ensure your purchase against the unknown elements. Most policies offered today are Agreed Value Policies. The policy will be written for the amount of the purchase price and will be refunded, less the deductible, in the event of a loss or the boat is stolen. If you are financing your purchase the lender will require proof of insurance.

    Hull coverage and/or Protection and Indemnity will cover property damage claims and/or personal injury. Costs will range based on the boaters experience, age, driving record, type of boat purchased, prior insurance claims, and area of navigation. SeaDream offers competitive quotes and coverage. For more information call toll free at 866-460-0170 or online at SeaDream Boat Insurance.