Buying a Boat

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Now that you've done your research, chosen a boat category, and considered most of the variables that are calculated into the cost of ownership, it’s time to find the right boat for your budget. There lots of avenues to consider, however, the decision to purchase a new boat or used boat should be ironed out before you start the process.

  • Dealerships / Retailers – You will find that dealerships in your area will be the best source for new boat purchases. After your online research a visit to your local dealerships to price shop and compare quotes is a good way to begin your boat buying process. However you may find that your local boat show is a more efficient way to price and compare new models.

    Boat shows are designed for consumers to experience a fun and informative kick off to the boat purchasing process. 'Boat Show Specials' on new models are typically offered by dealerships willing to compete for your business. Again, keep in mind that dealerships typically a charge anywhere from a 10% - 20% profit. Your research should provide you with enough information to analyze a true special.

    *Tip: Dealerships will be more willing to bargain on new models from the prior year or end of the year models as they look to clear out inventory for the new year’s models.

  • Yacht Brokers – If you are looking for a new or used yacht or sailboat, you will find that yacht brokers are the best source. Again, you will want to contact the brokers in your area that carry the make and models that you would like to price and compare. You will find that most yacht brokers list their inventories online at
  • Websites and Publications – You will find many online and print publications that list used boats for sale. Boat Trader magazines and local marina newspapers are good print resources as are the Yacht World and websites. These resources will give you a good means to price compare each model.

Now that you have thoroughly researched your boat category of choice and price compared each model it’s time to negotiate the purchase.