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The logical next step, once you have narrowed down your boating categories, is to research the models available in each category. Preliminary online research will give you an idea of what’s a fair price for the models you are considering. Consumer Reports, JD Power and Associates, and the US Coast Guard can provide customers with comparison valuation versus peer competitors. These resources will help aid you in deciding which manufacturers have a positive ratings in each class.

Additionally, there are various pricing resources to help you with your selection. BUC, ABOS, & NADA are all online and printed used boat price guides that will aid you in researching historical pricing. Each boat category will span a wide range of price options, so it is essential that you consider pricing upfront to narrow down the models to match your budget.

It's always a good idea to know how well each model has held its value over time. New boats like most new cars will significantly depreciate in value once they have been purchased. You might find that a used boat is a better value for your dollar given the features and amenities you would like on your dream boat.