Securing Delivery

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Once you have secured the funds and your boat is ready for delivery it is essential that you do a final inspection. If you have purchased a new or custom ordered boat it is essential that you do a complete walk though with the sales rep who sold you the boat.

Most reputable manufactures have a customer satisfaction checklist that the dealer is required to complete upon delivery of the boat. This checklist will detail the walk though inspection that you and the dealer will complete upon delivery. If there are problems with the delivery they should be identified and fixed before you take possession of the boat. You can also use the purchase contract as an inspection checklist to ensure that the vessel is in tip top shape.

*Note: It is never a good idea to take possession of a boat that is either incomplete, damaged (i.e. titled as a salvaged vessel), or not operable at the point of delivery. You, as the purchaser, have the right to refuse the product if it is not in sound condition. The selling party must provide you with the boat upon delivery in the state and condition outlined in your purchase contract. If you take possession of the boat, by driving it way, you could be stuck with a bundle of issues that could become your responsibility to repair thus adding an additional unforeseen upfront cost.

Now that your inspection is complete, you have signed off on the delivery, and have released the remainder of the funds to the selling party, you have completed the transaction.

*Note: It is essential that the titles be transferred to you at this point. Please review the titling and registration section below for more information.