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Do you own your boat outright and need to free up cash for other financial commitments? If so, why not consider taking cash out on the equity of your boat.

SeaDream offers cash out solutions to help boat owners meet other financial needs. If you are looking for an infusion of cash we will work with you to get the best financing available on your boat. Our cash out programs require the following:

Minimum Loan Amount: $25,000
Must be able to provide clear titles (no liens or encumbrances)
Must provide current survey/inspection
Must have excellent credit (700+)

Our service-oriented and friendly staff of experienced boat finance professionals will ensure that your cash out is processed quickly so you can enjoy greater financial flexibility. Please fill out a cash out application or feel free to give us a call at 949-515-0055. If you prefer to download a loan application & personal financial statement,* please fax the documents to 866-460-0180.
* Personal Financial Statements only required for loan requests in excess of $100,000