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SeaDream GAP Total Loss Insurance protects customers from the financial burden of a total loss situation by covering the differenece between the insurance settlement and the balance on an existing loan.  In the event of vessel theft or an accident that results in the total loss of your boat, most insurance companies only reimburse you for the market value of the vessel.  This gap, along with your insurance deductible, may create a significant difference between what your insurer will pay you and the balance owed on your loan.

Because of common risks associated with theft, collision and natural disaster, the chances of your vehicle being involved in a total loss are greater than you think. With SeaDream GAP insurance protection, you can be confident that your deficiencies and deductibles will be paid off.  GAP Total Loss Insurance will protect you and your investment when you need it most. 

You can be assured that when you purchase GAP Total Loss Insurance from SeaDream that you will receive superior service and excellent coverage. For more information or to receive quotes, please send us an email or give us a call at 949-515-0055.